Meet Reflector.Finance Enhanced #DeFi Yield with Deflationđź‘ľ

Yield Generation has become synonymous with DeFi in the last months…however with the “traditional” yield farming mechanisms there is usually a base token and a farming reward token. This isn’t ideal since the reward token is mintable and causes the base token to lose value through time. turns this around. You basically get rewards with the base token. Every transaction has a 12% tax applied to it. And once the transaction is made the 12% token tax gets distributed to ALL $RFCTR token holders INSTANTLY. There is no need for staking or timelocks or any of that unnecessary inconvenience since everything happens on-the-fly. So token holders’ balances keep growing through time regardless of whether there are sells or buys on the market. This puts strong incentives in place for holders to keep holding and earning.


So in order to avoid being “just another RFI fork with huge rewards” we have also introduced token burning to the equation. Some tokens do this by just adding the burn function and burning a fixed amount of tokens on every transaction. $RFCTR makes this more interesting by using the ethereum burn address that is also a “holder”. This means the BURN is NOT FIXED but INCREASES WITH TIME as more tokens are gathered in the burn address. This makes the deflation progressive and helps bring even more scarcity to the $RFCTR token.

You can check how many of the 12M total supply tokens have already been burned by clicking the following link:


Users who decide to provide liquidity to the $RFCTR pool on Uniswap also get a portion of the 12% redistribution rewards which compensates for impermanent loss.


RFCTR has been integrated with the RFI system. The liquidity pool for the RFI/RFCTR pair has been created on uniswap: This allows users that provide liquidity to earn redistribution fees from BOTH tokens RFI AND RFCTR.


There was NO PRESALE, all initial liquidity was provided by the founder and locked
$RFCTR total amount of tokens: 12.000.000
11.000.000 added to liquidity
600.000 reserved for the dev (THESE TOKENS HAVE BEEN BURNED)
400.000 tokens for rewards and promotions
880.000 team tokens have been BURNED FOREVER


Liquidity lock:

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